A trip has now become a journey

A trip to korba, a boy named kishan and the start of something new — these are the real ingredients of Santokram chips.
The story of Santokram began with a journey to Chhattisgarh when our co-founders had been travelling to Korba in the mid summer of 2018 for a business meeting. As it hit early afternoon, they went downstairs from the hotel room to grab some lunch before the big meeting, and both grabbed a tasty plate of burgers and chips, when suddenly they crashed ways with Kishan.


Kishan is a five year old boy who has been living with his single mother ever since he was child. Kishan’s life wasn’t the best, in fact, for a boy that young he had seen many struggles. He and his mum would beg from the early rise of the morning sun till late evening only to have a bite of little something for dinner. And in this world of greedy money, there was very little that they could eat in the money which they collected.



Kishan approached Manohar and Rajesh for some food. They handed over their plates and decided to ask Kishan a little something about his life, which is when they discovered the challenges in the life of Kishan and the struggle many kids like Kishan face in every day life. Determined to do something about this situation, Chipzzo was created. The idea behind Chipzzo was a dream come true. Months and months of hard work finally paid off!





Why Chipzzo?


After some research and finding, it was known that potatoes are one of the best vegetables out there to have the highest amount of nutrient values! The brand, packaging and designs were as such that the kids would love it! Today, Chipzzo is priced at ₹5 and has enough chips to help a hungry child. The idea behind Chipzzo is not to just sell out chips, but it is also to make sure that we can provide for every hungry child!